Tuesday, December 25, 2012

TMI Tuesday #12

Okay, first of all...

Merry Christmas!!!!

 Recognize the bow on The Bird's shirt? Or the Tie Sunshine is wearing??

I love love l-o-v-e looooove 
and now that I have kiddos it's just that much better!
Christmas morning is the best and I'll post a recap after our vaca to the hubby's parents house
Time for some....
TMI:"More than you'd ever want to know about me"-edition

Confession: There's no easy way to say this, because it is just oh so freakin embarrassing. I've seriously been horrified by this since I was in like 4th grade when it began to plague me. But the truth is....
I sweat like a 40 year old fat guy who hasn't showered or changed his panties in a week. 
especially in the underarm area...
Gah!!! So so sooooo embarrassing!
No matter if I shower and scrub those pits and cake on the deodorant twice a day (which I have done...) or any brand of deodorant or soap  I've tried. 
I'm just a sweaty person. And I get pit stains. A lot. 
Gross, I know...
 It used to be really really really bad especially when I was a kid
(I bet everyone I went to school with is like "Uuuuh huh! It was nasty")
But as I've gotten older it isn't quite so rampant.
Unfortunately it still does happen. 

Examples of things that bring on the sweats:  
excitment, anxiety, crying, laughing, scary movies, when I have to pee, when I teach on Sundays at church, at the Doctor's office, when I cook dinner, when I vacuum, in traffic, when ordering at restaurants... etc. etc. etc. 
Okay, it's a lot of things.

So the other day when I met Jessica and Lindsay for lunch I was...
Excited, a little anxious during the drive, laughing, needing to pee, and ordering food. 


This was my thought process as I clicked through the pics we took after I got home... 

soooo embarrassing....
Can you say disgusting? 
Seriously, that's showing through my jacket... 

Um... TMI!!!


  1. birdie and mr. sunshine are so adorable i could pinch them to death. also, you are so not alone, sweaty pits happen to all of us.

  2. You are hilarious. I love reading your posts because I can hear you speaking through them. Especially love the zooming in and read squiggly arrow effect...haha!