Thursday, September 12, 2013

New scarf? DIY? $.75!!??! YES!

YAY! I am really excited to show you this easy-peasey project that is...



Step 1: 
Always, always, alwaysssss check the remnant bin at any and all locations that sell fabric. I picked this beauty up at Walmart for $.74. I love the print and fluid feel of this. It is 7/8 of a yard. I don't recommend going less than that. As it is, I can only loop the scarf once but it is still perfect.

Pictured below: 

7/8yard remnant of some kind of flowy floaty fabric, perfect for a scarf of whimsy.

Step 2:
Pin the selvage edges together and throw in a seam. 
(Selvage edge means the sides that are NOT fraying. They are the edges of the fabric that any words and/or copyrights will be printed.)
I think my seam was 3/8inch or something. It doesn't really matter. 
My fabric was so slippery I decided to pin parallel to the edge. It held better. Generally I like to pin perpendicular but do whatever works for you.  

At the end of this step you should have a tube of fabric.

Step 3:
Hem the raw edges! (Raw edges are the sides that are fraying.)
You can fold and press, fold and press, and then sew to hide the raw edges. 
You can use a hemming foot on the sewing machine. That is my preferred method. This is a two-state process. 

Stage 1: Feed the fabric into the twirly part of the foot

Stage 2: Continue to sew while feeding the raw edge into the twirl. This is creating a narrow-rolled hem.

See? It isn't perfect but those last few strays will disappear over time. No worries!

Now repeat on the other side and then......



Thanks to Jessica for snapping these.


  1. how adorable are you?! yay for coming back!

  2. Thanks Cuz! I loved the reminder if the hemming foot. I learned that and have sewed with one, but always end up pressing and folding which is tedious. Cute infinity scarf!!! Would also be cute in some chunky sweater knit for the Fall season ahead.