Thursday, December 13, 2012

I've done nothing for Christmas

12 days till Christmas and I've done nothing.
Okay, not nothing but pretty close. 

We did some of this

 And of course some of that

 Went to our church Christmas party.
Perfect and hilarious, btw. Check Jessica's blog for pics...

And I met up with a couple of my besties for lunch and cupcakes.
Which has nothing to do with Christmas but since it felt like Christmas to see Lindsay since she up and moved away (crazy girl)
I felt like it should be included.

Oh and this should be included....

All for the awkwardness of it all!!!
Love you Jessica!
Seriously, go check out my crazy friend's blog
She is a heap of hooting hilarity. 
Do it.

Happy Christmas!
Say it in your best Hermione Granger voice.

I guess I should start my Christmas list soon...

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