Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TMI Tuesday #13-a day late...oooops!

I'm a day late.
Um.... Um... I got nothing good. 

Just love me anyway. 

This week features Sunshine and The Mister.

This past Sunday at church, Sunshine was sitting on The Mister's lap, facing each other. 
Much to The Mister's surprise (not really) Sunshine screwed up his face and pushed out a bit of stinky right on his Daddy's lap. 
This, of course, set Sunshine into a fit of giggles.

Laying a fart on your dad? 
(according to a 3.5yr old boy)

The Mister (also giggling, apparently boys never grow out of this) whispered in Sunshine's ear,
"Don't push them out, that is dangerous!" 
(speaking from experience?)

Of course Sunshine took this statement upon himself as a personal challenge. 

mischievous look, push, half a giggle, look of shock, giant frowns from Father and Son

I knew, as the mom, that it was a bad sign that I smelled the stunk before The Mister leaned over and asked for the baby wipes. 
The guys ran out of the Chapel toward the bathroom.
Sunshine was doing this crazy little waddle while waving at everyone he passed.

20 minutes go by and I start thinking I just might be needed. 
I picked up The Bird and headed to the bathroom

I cracked the men's door open and called to the guys. 
I hear The Mister say
"sigh Yeah..."
And Sunshine
"Hey mommy! I go poo-poo in my panties!"

The panties went into the trash and the guys headed home for Sunshine to have a shower. 
The Mister said it was really really really bad.

Oh the Joys!


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  1. farting always makes for a good giggle... call me a 12 year old boy but i almost always laugh.