Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TMI Tuesday #9

 TMI: Kiddo-over-share edition
Kids are always spouting out  family secrets or embarrassments. 
I'm just here to capture it! 
Yesterday Sunshine's little preschool class had a field trip. 

(They visited the percussion rooms on campus. The college kids showed them how to bang on drums, bells and other loud things. Sunshine was in heaven and it was actually really fun to watch. I know exactly what Sunshine should play in middle school band!)

His teachers asked me to come and help. 
As our crew of little munchkins made the trek across campus, a little girl in the class started talking to me. 

Pigtails: Hi! My name is beep!
Me: Hi there beep!. Want to walk with me?
Pigtails: Yes. My dad is dead.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry. 
Pigtails: My mom is alive. My baby is alive.
Me: Well that's good.
Pigtails: My mom is looking for a new boy or guy to be my dad and her husband. 
Pigtails: I can jump really high

 As this little girl happily told me some pretty personal family information, my heart went out to her and the loss of her daddy. I have a heart, a big one, you know. So big in fact that I can feel sorry for this little girl and her family, at the same time as horror spreads through my brain at the thought of all the things Sunshine could be spouting off to strangers. 
I feel it's only fair to this little girl's mom if I imagine what Sunshine is telling others. 

My mom makes me drink vinegar if I spit.
My mom stays in her jammies all day, a lot. 
Our bathtub has mold in it
My mom has diarrhea
My mom gets mad at my dad when he farts. But my mom farts, too. I don't get it. 
My mom watches Netflix all the time. 
My mom hates cleaning so she doesn't do it very much

The list could go on until forever.  
Are we even now?



  1. bahahaha oh this is hilarious Michelle!

  2. I don't know how to reconcile my giggles with my sorrow at their loss...This is too funny and too sad all at once!