Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thrift Shop Refashion Tips: "The Sassy Purple Pencil" and "Mommy and Me Matching Skirts"

  And the snug bum of a pencil skirt????
Every big booty girl out there needs a pencil skirt. 
Needs one
And then....

I have been wrestling with how to present these because every project is so different when you are changing a...

Thrift Shop Ruffian 
into a 

So I decided instead of giving a tutorial I would share some of the criteria I follow when picking an item to be refashioned. 

Pick a thrift shop of your choice. 
Browse the aisles
Look for quality fabrics
Are there missing buttons?
Does the zipper work?
Are there any unforgivable stains?

Does this garment have potential?

If all the stars align and you find something good and the price is reasonable....

Snatch it up!

This skirt was $3 I think? 
And the dress $2??

Happy Sewing!!!


  1. That big' ol juicy booty is too much to handle!!

  2. That's a big ol' sexy juicy booty right there!!