Monday, December 24, 2012

Military Uniform to Super Hero Cape + a kit

Oh! So excited!
Super? Check
Recycled fabric? Check
Happy Sunshine? Check


 Super Hero Kit for Sunshine!!!
This will match perfectly with The Bird's Princess Kit

 Hmmmmm... What's in there???

Super Hero to the Rescue!!!

Would you like to make one, toooooooo?
It's really simple.

Supplies needed:
An empty can with a lid, decorated to your liking
Military uniform OR a man's shirt OR about a yard of fabric
Extra fabric for the lining, about 3/4 of a yard (i used an old sheet)
Sport wrist bands (got mine at the Dollar Tree)
Felt in the color of your choice
1/4in elastic, enough to wrap around your kiddos head
Glue Gun 
Thread, scissors etc.

Let's Get Started!

If using a military top or any kind of shirt, cut off the arms and front. Follow the seams so it looks even and nice.
This is what you should be left with (but without the hunk missing...I used that for this patch)

Lay it out on your lining fabric, using it as a pattern. Tuck the collar in so you can get the correct shape
Like this!

This is what you should have left :)
Pin the pieces, right sides together
Like this!

Sew along the edges, but NOT around the neck
Like this!

Take some scissors and make several snips on the curve of where the armpit used to be
I think this is called clipping?
Or maybe notching.
I can't remember
It looks like this

Turn the cape right-side out 
You might need to make another snip or two around the collar to make this look right. 
I made these cuts to make it work

After the cape is right side out
Top stitch around the opening, catching the raw edge with a larger and/or decorative stitch
This keeps the fraying down.

 Okay, I admit, this is really messy looking. I have no excuse. Deal with it!!!

Top stitch around the edge of the cape. Use something "super-hero-ish"
Like this!

Fold the collar, the same way you would if you were wearing it.
Iron this big time
Like this!

Using the same stitch as you did on the body of the cape, stitch the folded collar.
Like this!

Add Velcro
Like this!

You are done!!
With the cape

Super Hero Wrist Bands of Power
I don't think this needs much explanation. 
I used a glue gun, felt and these wrist bands
Personalize it to the Super Hero in question...


I used this random template I found on google. Just google one that you like
I used felt, hot glue and elastic
I didn't take pictures. I feel like this is something every Super Hero needs to be personalized to his or her Super Abilities. Get your creative juices flowing!!

And..... I let Sunshine try it on early... just long enough to take this picture.

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