Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TMI Tuesday #11

This week I am happy to say we have another TMI featuring an anonymous reader!!


Here it goes, Anon!

Picture it: 
it is your wedding day, you have been married for almost 6 whole hours and it is time to leave the reception to go to the hotel and get marital. (this is a tmi post after all) you hug and kiss your parents grateful that you won't have to see or hear from them for at least a week.. this was how i left my reception. i waved them off and said see you later! i didn't care if i didn't talk to my mom for two weeks, and even then i knew that the first phone call would be the most awkward of my life because i would be a married woman.... with a husband... who has needs....that get met....with his wife....me....
so when my parents and siblings called my cell phone (three times) late that evening looking for the van keys you could say that it was a little too soon.
the jokes would not stop:
"uh.....sorry to inttteerrrrupppttt..."
"we aren't bothering you two are we?"
"hey! what's going on over there?"
and lots of giggling. kill. me. now.
thank goodness we didn't have the stupid van keys because i would sooner throw them out the window then have to meet them in the lobby and exchange awkward glances. TMI!

Seriously??? Hello, I would be ready to die! So embarrassing...
Thanks for sharing, Anon!!

Um... TMI!!

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