Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Magnet Puzzle-Easy Kiddo Christmas Delight

Get ready.
This is super easy

Sunshine has recently been obsessed with puzzles.

So I decided to whip this up for a Christmas present for my little buddy

Wanna learn???

Okay this is pretty simple.
You will need
A magnetic cookie sheet- Dollar Store ($1)
A puzzle that will fit on said cookie sheet- Dollar Store ($1)
Adhesive magnet sheets- Walmart (set of 2 small sheets was $1.97 and I needed 3 small sheets)
Total Price-less than $6 with left over magnet stuff.

That's it!
Oh and I watched some Netflix while I work on this project. 

Grab the first puzzle piece and lay it face up on the paper side of the magnet sheet

Cut out the magnetic puzzle piece a few millimeters inside of the traced line
You want a clean and clear edge around the puzzle piece
Remove the paper and stick it on. 
It should look like this...

Repeat for all the pieces. 

Put it together on the cookie sheet and...
 Magnetic puzzle

I have a few more Dollar Store puzzles to transform into magnetic magic
Get on that!

Happy Christmas!

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