Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TMI Tuesday #32-"Bug Off"

So the Mister is gone playing Army out in the Idaho desert somewhere. 
And he sent me this text....

"I'm sitting on a porta-potty right now. 
There are a bunch of flies at the bottom and they keep flying up and landing on my butt. 
I can't like it."

Um.... TMI!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TMI Tuesday #31-"Pick me!!"

TMI Tuesday: "I deserve to be embarrassed by how long it has been since I posted"-edition

Firstly, anyone who is still hanging around my pathetic blog...You are amazing! I swear I am going to get it together... I really actually have legit reasons for my 13 week hiatus. 
13 weeks!?! 
have you guys been surviving? 

I just scraped by....
I'll hit the highlights:

The Mister is in the military and was gone for three months (3 months!!!)
And I decided to continue with school...16 credits...while he was gone. 

I feel like no further explanation is needed. 
BTW, I took some of the best classes, ever. 
More about that in a few days/weeks/months
And I kept pretty busy to deter any of the
 "I feel so depressed because the Mister isn't here"-blues. 
Because who wants that?? 
Not this girl. StarrsTown doesn't have time for that crap. Nope. 

But I am back, baby!!! 
  And I have big goals and plans for the blog.
Starting with this week's

I thought it was only fitting to embarrass myself instead of someone else.... 

Okay so, here it goes...
Holy Hannah...I can't believe I am going to tell you all this!

Recently I have been trying to grow my finger nails out and take care of them. 
No biting, tearing, cutting, ripping etc. etc. 
Lotion, cuticles, vitamins...all that stuff

Consequently I have longer nails than I have ever really had before... 
Which comes in handy for a lot of things 
(self performed scalp scratches after taking out a day-long ponytail being my favorite!)

But there is one serious disadvantage I wasn't anticipating...

Okay people, you know how humans all do things they don't like to admit they do?
All those bodily function stuff? 
(Gah! This is so embarrassing! I am sqirming and dying at the same time!)

So the other day...
I had something funky going on up in my nose. 
Like big time. 
And so, like I know you all do, I might have attempted a bit of a 
"Pick and Flick"
Catch my drift???

Well, the inside of my nose wasn't ready for the increase length of my nails and well....

My nose started spurting blood...
Biggggg time...

And I had to do this.......

Can we still be friends???