Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pretty Princess Dress Up Kit

Oh! What's this?? 
What could possibly be in there??


Here's a peek inside...

It's a Pretty Princess Dress Up Kit!!

Look at the jewels, gems, magic wand and the 
Princess Outfit!
Cape, Skirt and Crown included

 Merry Christmas to 
The Bird!!
Can't wait for her to try all this stuff on!

Wanna make one, too???

Okay, let's get started...

An empty can with lid of some sort- Mine is a CountryTime Lemonade can
Princess gear from the Dollar Store
Paper to decorate the can

(size 2t, make adjustments for the size you need)
1/2yard of glam fabric (the stuff I used was 60in wide and I needed the extra fabric)
2-1inx12in of felt
2-1inx5in of felt
3yds of fabric ribbon
4in of Velcro
15in of 1/4in elastic

Step One:
Cut fabric in half
There should be 2-18inx30in pieces of fabric
Like this!

On to the skirt! Take one of the 18inx30in pieces and fold it in half, right sides together
Sew along the 18in side
Like this!

Hem the edges (you can use a hemmer foot like I did on this project)
Like this!

Add some ribbon with a pretty decorative stitch to one end
Like this!

Fold the skirt into itself.
This is confusing to explain in words so here are some pictures

Okay, you got that??
Grab some pins and pin that slippery stuff. Use lots of pins
Like this!

Sew about 1/2 inch down from the edge, leaving a few inches open
(this is where the elastic is threaded through)

Fold open the layers and thread the elastic through the gap you left!

Sew the ends of the elastic together and
Skirt is DONE

Let's Cape it up now....
Grab that other 18x30in piece, fold right sides together and pin
Like this!

Sew the three pinned edges, leaving a few inches open
Like this!

Turn right side out and pin hole closed. Sew that up 

 Pin ribbon around the 3 sewn edges
Like this

Sew that stuff on using a fun decorative stitch
Like this!

Okay, run a basting stitch (or just a really long stitch) along the edge without the ribbon
Like this!

Pull the threads, creating a gather, and pin evenly spaced on a 1x12in piece of felt
Don't be shy with those pins
Like this!

Sew gathered fabric onto felt
Sew the other 1x12in piece of felt on top of the gather
Like this!

Grab those 1x5in pieces of felt and attatch them to both ends
Like this!

Add Velcro to the straps
Like this!

Attatch some ribbon using the decorative stitch
Like this!

 Cape and Skirt!
Decorate your can and stuff it all in!
You're Done!
Seriously, so excited for The Bird to dive into this!  

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