Monday, October 29, 2012

(easy) Kid-Friendly Ghost Costume!

I say "kid-friendly" because I really don't want my 3-year-old son running around with a sheet over his head or long Ghost tails to trip on. So I modified a few of the regulars and it turned out perfect for Sunshine
Remember my little Clown?
Well, Sunshine needed a costume, too. 
And I totally lucked out.
Whenever I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he would say, 

"OoooOOOooo!!! A scary Ghost!"

This is a common game at our house...
 So, a Ghost it is!

Well, I can do that!
I figure our theme this Halloween is:
retro-traditional-oldfashioned-Halloween costumes.  
It works...

Getting ready to shout,
Would you like to learn how?
It's Super-Easy...
Okay, ya'll. 

Let's Get Started! 
Large piece of white fabric (I used an old sheet. This really works best)
Measuring Tape
Face paint, if you wanna

   Grab that kiddo and the measuring tape:
 Take the following measurements:
 Chin to knee
Side of the knee-over the head-down to other knee
Forehead to the back of the knee
Around their sweet little face

K Grab the sheet. 
From knee to knee Sunshine was 70 inches
Divide that in half= 35 inches   
Hold the measuring tape in one hand in the middle of your sheet like so:

And in the other hand hold a (washable) marker at 35in (or whatever the measurements are)
Now, shuffle around the fabric, holding the center in place and arching your marking hand around. 
This should result in a circle. 
Cut that puppy out   
 See how my edges are uneven? Doesn't matter! We're making a Ghost here, people. 

Fold the circle into quarters:
   See that point? Take the marker and make a big ol' spot right there. This marks the middle. 

Unfold the circle and create the chin and forehead marks.
Do this by picking a "front" and measuring in the correct amount. 
Then go to the "back"  and measure in the correct amount.

Snag the measuring tape and create a circle within the head and chin marks
It doesn't matter if the circle is oblong
Around Sunshine's face measured 21in. 
I added 10 more to get a gathered look.   
Trace and cut

 Get up to that sewing machine
Hem the edge
 I have a detailed explanation of using the hemmer foot in this post
It's a perfect technique if you want a very narrow rolled hem.
 Hem the neck hole, leaving a space open to thread the elastic
Thread the elastic

Smear some white face paint on that kiddo and 


  1. So Cute! Now we just need to find a place to hide that candy bag!!!

  2. Would you please provide me instructions for cutting the oval to fit? My measurements do not appear in the same order as you have them. Comparing your illustration to mine the order of the marks go from the center mark to the chin to the head. What am I doing wrong? The measurements I am using are 60" side of knee to side of knee; 39" from forehead to back of knee; 24" from chin to knee; and 20" around the face. Help please....this grammy needs to get the costume in the mail.