Saturday, November 3, 2012

$2 Jeans Fix-Up!

Today's post features

Sunshine has been in dire need of jeans. 

And I am convinced that denim is grossly over-priced for kids. 

So we use a lot of hand-me-downs and thrift-ed clothes. 

I got this pair of adjustable waist jeans for 


But they were way way too long and had a bit of a hole. 

Let's fix these up!

Okay. Iron the jeans and place a pin at the desired length.
don't mind all the crazy water spots from my spitting iron

Cuff the jeans. 
See where my finger is? The original pin is there.
Because the jeans were so long, they needed a double cuff.
If your jeans aren't super long, just cuff them at the correct length.
But mine needed more. 
So the pin is about halfway.

Fold the jeans to the inside.
Now the pin marks the bottom edge.

Hop on that sewing machines and put a stitch right close to the hem. 
I used white thread and it blended nicely

When you get to the big bulky seams, get as close as you can. 
Secure the stitching. 
Then start sewing again after the big bulky seams. 
I knew I would break a needle if I tried to bang through all those layers.
And this still totally works
It will look like this on the inside:

Okay. Repeat on the other leg.

Pants are cuffed!

For the patch
I used one of my husband's old military uniforms for the fabric
Cut out an appropriate size square:
Iron and pin the edges
this hides raw edges

Put a seam around the very edge.
Really close
this secures everything

Grab a pencil and trace the desired pattern
I thought a flag would be nice  
I used one of the Hubs patches as a guide

Play with your zig zag stitch to find the right length and width

Pin your patch onto the pants

Throw some zig zag stripes
I didn't do the correct #... ooops
Add some stars
My machine makes 'em. 
I'm sure you could hand stitch one large star and it would look awesome

And you're done!
Perfect! Ready to be lengthened at a moments notice

Photo Shoot!!
Sunshine kept puffing his cheeks the entire time. 
I'm not sure why. 
Funny boy!
Always making faces!

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