Friday, January 4, 2013

24 before 25: A review

aaaaaaand I decided to check in with my 
from my other blog
that I don't post on anymore

My birthday is February 23rd

I figure this is better than making new resolutions for the New Year

Okay. Here is the list with my current status (in red):

  1. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover: getting organized!
    Working on it. Not finished yet but on track to be done by my birthday
  2. Learn to use my wheat grinder and make bread
    Uh...totally forgot this was on the list...
  3. Blog 24 times (must include a picture to count)Woop! Finished!
  4. Lose 30 pounds (I can Dukan!)
    Okay... This one is depressing. From my heaviest to my lowest I lost 40 pounds. Then I gained 20 back. Blah. Weight suuuucks
  5. Decorate our bedroom... here's a start!
    Done! Yay!
  6. Run (...or jog....probably walk...) a 5K
    Uh...... still need to do this one.
  7. Complete a 15 minute continuous swim Yay! completed 7/17
  8. Have professional family pictures taken (preferable after #4 is completed...)
    Still need to do this one.
  9. Finish my Christmas stocking
    Still working on this. Lame that I missed Christmas, again...
  10. Archive and organize our photos
    I've started a system of backing up our photos but it has yet to be organized.
  11.  Visit 3 tourist-type places near us  Tautphaus Zoo!  Bear World!   Idaho Falls Museum!
    Done! woot!
  12. Potty train Ray COMPLETE!
    Oh good glory. So happy this is done. Potty trained child is the best!
  13. Read a Vince Flynn novel (Joey's favorite author)Done! We listened to it on our way home from St. George. It was good.
  14. Go to the Temple monthly with Joey
    Craps. We are so bad. I think we've been once. Ugh. I need to find someone to trade with consistantly!
  15. Go OUT on a date once a month with Joey (actually get a babysitter!)
    Again. Lame-o! We've been out twice.
  16. De-junk house and have a yard saleAnd I feel like it needs done again.
  17. Try at least 5 projects I've pinned on Pinterest: one!  two!    three!    four!
    I am counting this as complete.
  18. Learn to cut my own bangs
    Who knows how? And wants to teach me?
  19. Host a dinner party
    Maybe a V-day party? Crap. That's like a month away. We've had people over for dinner. I've dont' lots of girls nights. But I want it to be a real party. Okay. This  needs my attention asap! Oh! What about a Murder Mystery Dinner! Always wanted to do one of those. Only trouble will be convincing The Mister...
  20. Write in my kid's journals (they are currently blank)
    They aren't blank! But there is lots more I want to write.
  21. Read 24 books List!
    I have 9 books to go. This seems like a lot. I am going to be busy!
  22. Submit a "letter to the editor" to any magazine    submitted!
  23. Successfully paint Wendy's nails scroll down a bit!
  24. Take more pictures and at least 3 hours of video so I can always remember how CUTE my kid's voices sound
    Been taking lots of picture and a good amount of video.


  1. You're amazing!!! Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged, you've accomplished so much already.

  2. I can teach you how to cut your bangs :)