Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some people prefer their Dogs over my First Born...

What? No.... weird!

But it is true. 
Apparently Sunshine is not interesting enough. 
Dogs are much, much more interesting.

Even though my son is an actual human person who 
talks, walks, laughs, cries, 
has goals, dreams, favorite colors (this week it is green!)
and is much more of a complex individual than any dog...

Well, part of my creative writing class was submitting a piece for publication. 
So I submitted this one.
I thought it was pretty good stuff. 
Last week I received the following email in response...

Hi, Michelle,
Thanks for sending in your essay. It is funny, but the subject matter isn't really our style. All of our kids around here come in the four-legged variety.

Thanks for thinking of us, and good luck finding your essay a home. 

I never expected to become published but to be shut down on terms such as these??


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