Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TMI Tuesday #14-Hairy Lettuce

Let me start by saying I am not pregnant.

TMI Tuesday: Pregnancy Woes Edition

This is me pregnant at 18 weeks with baby #1
I wanted to prove to all of you that I was in fact thin and slim at one time in my life
Look at my arms! They are like sticks!My face is so thin and my boobs look amazing.

Okay, moving on!!

I found out I was expecting our first child on October 9th 2008
(I remember because it was my mom's birthday)
Just a few days shy of our first anniversary 
For our anniversary we stayed in a (seedy!) hotel in North Seattle for a few days and did lots of tourist type things in downtown.
I had not been sick up to this point and was naively thinking I could skip out on the whole nausea part
I was sitting on the bed munching away on a salad we'd picked up somewhere when I clumsily launched a dressing soaked leaf of lettuce between the bed and the night stand.
I reached down and stabbed the lettuce with the plastic fork (I was done eating by this point)
Slowly I lifted the fork back into view.

The piece of lettuce 

was covered



Ugh just thinking about it makes my stomach turn. All the hairs of strangers past happily hitching a ride on the sticky lettuce. 

From that point on I had all kinds of nausea 
And everytime I passed the exit on the freeway for the hotel serious waves of the barfs left me clammy and sweating and sometimes I even did puke.

Um... TMI!!


  1. oh that IS nasty! bwahahaha! it's so weird what your body does too, during pregnancy-ha, and we think we can control it...

  2. So glad you were done eating at least!! Yay, hotels kind of creep me out. But I would choose a hotel room over a tent and a sleeping bag any day, so there you go.