Tuesday, December 25, 2012

TMI Tuesday #12

Okay, first of all...

Merry Christmas!!!!

 Recognize the bow on The Bird's shirt? Or the Tie Sunshine is wearing??

I love love l-o-v-e looooove 
and now that I have kiddos it's just that much better!
Christmas morning is the best and I'll post a recap after our vaca to the hubby's parents house
Time for some....
TMI:"More than you'd ever want to know about me"-edition

Confession: There's no easy way to say this, because it is just oh so freakin embarrassing. I've seriously been horrified by this since I was in like 4th grade when it began to plague me. But the truth is....
I sweat like a 40 year old fat guy who hasn't showered or changed his panties in a week. 
especially in the underarm area...
Gah!!! So so sooooo embarrassing!
No matter if I shower and scrub those pits and cake on the deodorant twice a day (which I have done...) or any brand of deodorant or soap  I've tried. 
I'm just a sweaty person. And I get pit stains. A lot. 
Gross, I know...
 It used to be really really really bad especially when I was a kid
(I bet everyone I went to school with is like "Uuuuh huh! It was nasty")
But as I've gotten older it isn't quite so rampant.
Unfortunately it still does happen. 

Examples of things that bring on the sweats:  
excitment, anxiety, crying, laughing, scary movies, when I have to pee, when I teach on Sundays at church, at the Doctor's office, when I cook dinner, when I vacuum, in traffic, when ordering at restaurants... etc. etc. etc. 
Okay, it's a lot of things.

So the other day when I met Jessica and Lindsay for lunch I was...
Excited, a little anxious during the drive, laughing, needing to pee, and ordering food. 


This was my thought process as I clicked through the pics we took after I got home... 

soooo embarrassing....
Can you say disgusting? 
Seriously, that's showing through my jacket... 

Um... TMI!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Military Uniform to Super Hero Cape + a kit

Oh! So excited!
Super? Check
Recycled fabric? Check
Happy Sunshine? Check


 Super Hero Kit for Sunshine!!!
This will match perfectly with The Bird's Princess Kit

 Hmmmmm... What's in there???

Super Hero to the Rescue!!!

Would you like to make one, toooooooo?
It's really simple.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tie that Bow!!

My mom taught me this when I was a little kiddo. 
Easiest way to tie this is on someone else's fingers
Thanks hubby!

What did I use this for??
To fancy-up a Christmas Bear for The Bird

AAwwwww... My kiddos are going to love their Christmas Bears.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pretty Princess Dress Up Kit

Oh! What's this?? 
What could possibly be in there??


Here's a peek inside...

It's a Pretty Princess Dress Up Kit!!

Look at the jewels, gems, magic wand and the 
Princess Outfit!
Cape, Skirt and Crown included

 Merry Christmas to 
The Bird!!
Can't wait for her to try all this stuff on!

Wanna make one, too???

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Magnet Puzzle-Easy Kiddo Christmas Delight

Get ready.
This is super easy

Sunshine has recently been obsessed with puzzles.

So I decided to whip this up for a Christmas present for my little buddy

Wanna learn???

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TMI Tuesday #11

This week I am happy to say we have another TMI featuring an anonymous reader!!


Here it goes, Anon!

Picture it: 
it is your wedding day, you have been married for almost 6 whole hours and it is time to leave the reception to go to the hotel and get marital. (this is a tmi post after all) you hug and kiss your parents grateful that you won't have to see or hear from them for at least a week.. this was how i left my reception. i waved them off and said see you later! i didn't care if i didn't talk to my mom for two weeks, and even then i knew that the first phone call would be the most awkward of my life because i would be a married woman.... with a husband... who has needs....that get met....with his wife....me....
so when my parents and siblings called my cell phone (three times) late that evening looking for the van keys you could say that it was a little too soon.
the jokes would not stop:
"uh.....sorry to inttteerrrrupppttt..."
"we aren't bothering you two are we?"
"hey! what's going on over there?"
and lots of giggling. kill. me. now.
thank goodness we didn't have the stupid van keys because i would sooner throw them out the window then have to meet them in the lobby and exchange awkward glances. TMI!

Seriously??? Hello, I would be ready to die! So embarrassing...
Thanks for sharing, Anon!!

Um... TMI!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Toddler Ties for sale!

I'm so happy about this. 
I've been 
 about getting my act together and stocking my currently empty shop

The shop is still empty 
I have a few little things for you to get excited over!!

Are we dying?

I know I am. 
Everytime I gaze at these super cute dapper Toddler Ties I can't help but say...


Now, the shop is still empty but Toddler Ties are for sale to anyone local. 
I'm going to get my act together soon and Toddler Ties will be available to ship.

Want to learn more?
Toddler Ties are handmade every step of the way by yours truly. 
Each tie is lined, adjustable and machine washable. 
(Line dry, warm iron)
The tie secures comfortably around the neck with Velcro
The neck tie can be removed and re-tied at any desired length or style of knot. 
And best of all?
6mos to 4T
(and maybe even longer!)
This one-size-fits-all style of tie will last your little guy for years

$12 each
contact me if interested

Custom ordering available January 2013  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I've done nothing for Christmas

12 days till Christmas and I've done nothing.
Okay, not nothing but pretty close. 

We did some of this

 And of course some of that

 Went to our church Christmas party.
Perfect and hilarious, btw. Check Jessica's blog for pics...

And I met up with a couple of my besties for lunch and cupcakes.
Which has nothing to do with Christmas but since it felt like Christmas to see Lindsay since she up and moved away (crazy girl)
I felt like it should be included.

Oh and this should be included....

All for the awkwardness of it all!!!
Love you Jessica!
Seriously, go check out my crazy friend's blog
She is a heap of hooting hilarity. 
Do it.

Happy Christmas!
Say it in your best Hermione Granger voice.

I guess I should start my Christmas list soon...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TMI Tuesday #10

I'd like to acquaint you to something I dread.
But I also love it.
It makes me squirm when I see it.
But I also laugh with uncontrolled vigour.


The Awkward Hand
Most commonly dreaded and enjoyed in group photos


Can't spot it? 
Here's a close-up

That's my brother and me, by the way.
And what on Earth are we doing with our hands?

I guess it shouldn't surprise me...
 What the....?


Those are my siblings, all six of us together. 

Watch out for the awkward hand!!
Dun, Dun, Duuuuuuuuun!

Um... TMI!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Whimsy Dress Tutorial

Oh, The bird. 
My little birdie is just about the sweetest little thing you've ever met. 
When you meet her words like 

Pixie, Elf, Imp 
come to mind. 
That mane of curls, sparkly blue eyes, elf ears, and topped off with earrings? 


Such a dear as The Bird needed a dress full of 


Only a Little like The Bird can get away with wearing so many colors and patterns in one fabulous dressy dress. 
 So let's put one together!