Monday, February 25, 2013

#6 Run (...or jog....probably walk...) a 5K:


(terrible quality... I know. It's a picture of a picture on my phone...)

I did it!!
Friday night
February 22nd 
(yeah... the night before my birthday...) 

I met my friend, Katie, at the indoor track for something of a
Running Lesson

Katie is an experienced runner and she gave me some tips
Then we were off!!

What we did: Walked a lap, ran a lap, walked a lap, ran a lap etc. etc.

I was so afraid to run! I've never, ever, everrrrr been a runner.
But Katie inspired me! 
She humored me and went really slow
(she was pushing her little guy in a jogger)

After about 30 minutes we decided to go for a 
(that's 3.1 miles)

I have never ran 
(aka: jogged/walked) 
more than 1.5 miles at once and that was in 9th grade.

So happy I did it! 

Ugh. my legs hurt.

Thanks for being a friend Katie! 

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