Monday, February 25, 2013

#19 Host a dinner party:


We decided to have a 
Murder Mystery Dinner Party!!

Basically the greatest thing, ever. 

And it was the Mister's birthday gift to me.
I got to have a party, 
dress up, 
dress the Mister up, 
fake an accent 
and act completely ridiculous in all ways possible!

Best night everrrrrrr.................

Our guests....

Sunshine couldn't resist visiting us....

Had a blast making my dress
(bought the fascinator at Zurchers)
And I got my hair and makeup done at The Hair Academy for super cheap
My character was a
tacky-trashy-Las Vegas-waitress
New-gold digger-wife of 80 year old Richie Rich!
(he was the murdered one)

Isn't the Mister just the greatest???

This fulfilled a life-long dream

Will I ever host one again? I would do this once a month if I had the money.time.willing husband.

What would you do differently? Taken more pictures! 

Hardest part? Only picking 3 other couples... I wanted to invite everyone... But it doesn't work that way

Easiest part? Loading up on Dollar Store decorations

Yummiest part? For me it was tied between the Virgin Hurricane and the Gumbo

Yuckiest part? I hated the crab cakes I made... barfffff

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