Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TMI Tuesday #4

Today is a rant. A long-winded potentially pointless rant. 

I'm a student. My major is University Studies. This allows me a lot of freedom (1 minor, 2 clusters) in the classes I take. 
My minor?  
Home and Family studies=sewing, cooking, parenting, child development etc. LOVE IT!

First cluster?
Creative writing=lit and writing classes. LOVE IT!

Second cluster?
Photography=art and photo classes. hoping to LOVE IT!

I have an excellent camera and I really want to learn to take better quality pictures. 
Which is why I decided to cluster in something I wasn't already slightly familiar with. 

It's scary for me!

But I am learning something. You know how English majors can be really snobby? 
(And I can say that because I was one for a while and still sort of am...)

Well, these Art majors are uber-snobs too!

I'm in an online Art 117 class. Elements and Principles of Design. 
100 level. Brand new.
Oh, no. WRONG!
Everyone in the class is already really good and talented. I mean, stellar paintings and drawings are scanned and submitted each week and I am left ashamed of my crappy skills.
Part of the course is commenting on other people's work.
Yeah, I freaking hate that. 

My art teacher has sent several emails demanding perfection, especially in our cutting and measurements and following directions.
He finished off one email with the following sentence:

"Remember, anything worth doing is worth do well"

Do you see the irony in this? 
Apparently his sentence was not worth writing... 
Art Snob!
Which just goes to show the only thing people are concerned about being perfect is what they see as most important. To me, my teacher looks like an idiot every time he sends an email because it is scattered with typos and grammar mistakes.

Last week we were assigned a color wheel. 

I can do that!

 I spent hours mixing colors and even more time cutting out perfectly measured squares for the final assignment. I painted on fancy paper before attaching it to the copy paper. I didn't want my teacher to have any room to tell me I don't know how to follow directions
Here's my final product and I am pretty proud of it. Considering my Art kit was missing red paint I think I made out pretty well. 
(mixing orange and magenta will eventually make red if you plead and cry with it enough)

First comment I received?

"so neat!! I like all the perfectly straight edges! it looks like you could have just done it on the computor. Great job on hiding the mark of the artist!"

 Can you say....
Computer is spelled wrong and her sarcasm is practically bleeding through my computer screen. 
"hiding the mark of the artist"
Talk about  

And just for your viewing pleasure, here is her final product:

She submitted it upside down and off center
I didn't just make it that way for the blog 
    Okay, Okay. I'm done with my rant.

Um.... TMI!


  1. Love your wheel! The other girl is just suffering from wheel-envy. I'm still laughing about the whole "worth do well" comment. Not only is it ridiculously ironic, but absolutely untrue. Can you imagine if everyone lived that way all the time? No one would get anything done! Life is all about priorities. Give your most to what matters most. The rest is just busywork.

  2. Do things as well as they need doing!

  3. I completely feel for you and the art snobs. Were we seriously starting off from the same point or did they have a few years on me??
    And kudos to you for making red! I wouldn't have known what where to start!

  4. Clarification: I feel for you, not the art snobs. Haha.

    And I have an extra what in there. You've got me checking my writing!