Monday, October 15, 2012

Hide yo' craft supplies!

Get ready ya'll for a bit of a 
Spruce Up!

I re-did all my bedroom furniture this summer and did lots of sewing and decorating. 

Once I finished I couldn't help but stare at this 
hot mess...

Let's get our craft on....

 Spray paint that will stick to plastic
Thick paper, like card stock or similar
Tape or glue dots. I used double sided tape.
To start, empty and remove the drawers. 
Place your frame on a surface you don't mind getting messy. 
I slapped some paper on the grass.

Give your 
a long piece of paper to play with in the wind.

Grab your spray paint
See how it says it works on plastic?
It bonds.

Get your spray on.
Use quick motions to avoid bubbles 

At this point snap your kiddo into a stroller. 
She won't be able to resist the paint spraying. 
This one is a little annoyed at missing the fun.

Okay. Let that sucker dry.

Grab your empty drawers and the paper and tape.

Measure and cut the paper to line the inside of each drawer. 
(Don't worry about lining the back of the drawer)
I used my double sided tape and stuck the paper on the inside of the drawers.


Talk about sprucing up an eyesore!

Easy and quick with huge results

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