Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TMI Tuesday #1

It's Tuesday!
Time for a TMI moment from yours truly

But first let's talk TMI.

 What does it mean? 
Too Much Information


Ever had a friend or stranger tell you way more than you ever needed to know?


Sometimes I will be the one giving the TMI
Or I'll share a story of a TMI experience out in the wild


I would love to hear TMI from my readers!
Send your stories to
and your TMI moment could be shared with the masses!
(Please don't send personal stories. I want to hear stories that had you internally screaming "TMI!!" as your friend or stranger delved deeper into their colonoscopy nightmare or the like)

Okay, let's get started. 

About a year ago when my son was getting into his big boy bed, I bought new sheets. 
A nice navy blue and a deep red. 
I should have gone with a pastel or even just white.

His sheets:

Not only does this kid drool like crazy in is sleep but he moves around all night long. 
The above picture depicts one night of drooling sleep.
So next time, I'll be sticking to white sheets for my drooling monster of a child.

um.... TMI!! 

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