Friday, October 5, 2012

TMI Disclaimer

Because I think we need it...

TMI Tuesday
Stories. Of all kinds.

They might be over-the-top medical advice. 
Or just way more than we wanted to know about where babies come from.
They may also be long-winded tales of the adventures I've had with way more detail than you ever needed to know.
(if you've known me long enough, you know I have a tendency to tell the longest, and sometimes most pointless stories, ever.)
There might be some rants thrown in now and then, too.
 Or, they could be stories from readers! If you'd like to guest post for TMI Tuesday, email me
or contact me on the facebook page.
Are they true?
They will always be true.


To keep my family happy and the number of friends I have staying on the upward trend, 
I change names. 
And sometimes that "stranger" is actually someone I know. 
Or a few details are changed to protect the persons privacy 
(and my car from being key-ed)

So please, don't let this change how you think of me as a friend. 

And if you think you see yourself portrayed on a TMI Tuesday, take it as an honor! 
And if you want the credit, take it!
That's what the comment section is for :)

Looking forward to many more Tuesdays with you :)

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