Monday, October 8, 2012

Handsome Halloween Gentlemen!

Happy October!

It's freezing in Idaho which means it must be 

I am so excited about this craft! It was really fun and turned out better than I imagined.
Here it is!

Don't those little guys look so dapper with their top hats? 
I was smiling my face off during this whole project, my cheeks hurt by the end. 
Just so dang cute!

Last year I saw a friend with milk jug pumpkins and knew this year I had to try my hand at it.

Would you like to try? 

Here is what you'll need:
Several empty milk jugs (an odd # will look best, 3,5,7 etc.)
Xacto knife or something similar
Black permanent marker
1 piece of fun colored paper per milk jug (I used 5) 
Scotch Tape
Halloween lights (I picked mine up at Walmart, battery operated)
Something heavy to weigh the guys down once you get them outside (I used canned goods)

Let's get started!
Gather your milk jugs and wash them out with hot soapy water. Remove the colored ring if you wanna. (I did)

Now, grab that knife.
Feeling scared? It's okay.
Turn on some Netflix...
 Grab a piece of pie...

Okay, you are ready to move on!
Using your knife, carefully cut a hole around the label. 
Put that knife away. 

Now grab your marker and draw some fun faces.  
(Draw the faces opposite the side of the hole. The hole should be on the back.)
Set those suckers aside. It's time to get your top-hat on!

This can be a little tedious but just stick to it and you will be so happy!

Using some circular item (a bowl flipped over etc.) trace a large-ish circle that takes up about a little more than a quarter of the page. I used this frogtape case.  
 (Make sure you trace it in the corner of the paper so you can leave more room. This will make sense later.)

Cut that circle out. Then grab a smaller circular object and trace a smaller circle. I used a canning jar. 

This is what you should have:

Scissors time!
Cut a small slice from the edge of your circle to the line of the smaller circle

Cut around the smaller circle and this is what you should be left with:
Set those aside.

Grab the same piece of paper that your circles came from and fold like this:
(this is why you traced your circles in the corner)

Cut along your crease and this is what you should have!

Snatch that longer piece up and roll it into a tube. This helps prepare for the next step

Okay, this is where it gets tricky. But I know you can do it. Unravel the roll and add a piece of tape to the longer side.

Attach the small circle.

Add another piece of tape and roll the longer piece around the circle, taping as you go.

It starts to look like this on the outside.

And this is the inside.

Once you get all the way around, slap a strip of tape on the back. 

The top is done!!
You're almost there.

Flip your top over so the open end is up. Add a piece of tape

Attach the larger circle, lining up the seams.

Add more tape and keep working your way around.

It should look something like this...

Hat is done!

Attach the hat with tape or glue dots or whatever your preference. 

Place it at a jaunty angle, if you please. 

Oh, So Dapper!

Slip those lights in from the back and enjoy your...

Handsome Halloween Gentlemen!

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  1. I've never seen that before, and so easy and safe. Plus, here in hot land, carved pumpkins last one to two days before rotting because of the dryness. Such a clever idea.