Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TMI Tuesday #6

Happy Veteran's Day! (Yesterday or even the day before)

My hubby is in the military so we happily enjoyed some of the special deals yesterday. 
We strolled into Wingers for dinner at 50% off

 except for the fact that Wingers has gotten all weird now. They have a new menu and new name, "Wingers Roadhouse Grill" um lame. And they say their new amazing burgers are so fabulous they take 30 minutes to cook but my friend's took over an hour plus they got the order wrong.And it wasn't very good. And they ripped all the fun chicken joke signs off the walls. I guess they are going for a more fancy-classy-nontacky look.......

But they still have popcorn...so.....

Moving on! 
While we were munching through our meal the hubby received the following text from a friend who was sitting with his family across the room from us...

"I just found a bra under the table. Yes an actual black Victoria's Secret bra." 

This was made all the more ironic in combination with Wingers new motto as a restaurant and business.  Which, by the way, was stated on a laminated flyer on each table. 

Oh! The irony!!!


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  1. bahaha. oh that's funny! kevin looooooves him some wingers-but we've always hated their popcorn. well i have :) haha i think it's funny they're trying to change and still have that!