Friday, November 23, 2012

perfect Hot Rod Pocket... Ka-Chow!!!

Having Black-Friday Blues???
Yeah, me too. 
I am not a black Friday shopper. 
I'd rather stay home, avoid the crowds and eat pie.
Actually, that's what I want to do every day...

How about a little ditty of a sewing project??

Get Ready for the...
Hot Rod Pocket


Do you see Sunshine's tongue positioned for concentration?
Ah! Perfection!
He loves it!
 I whipped a couple of these up for birthday presents for Some parties Sunshine was invited to attend. 
I think his friends liked 'em. Plus I threw in a package of Hot Wheels. 
You can never go wrong with Hot Wheels. 

Wanna learn??

Okay, gather the supplies...
9inch zipper
2- 10x8inch cuts of fabric (outer)
2-10x8inch cuts of coordinating fabric (lining)
1-22x18inch cut of fabric (front)
1-22x18inch cut of coordinating fabric (back)
Black fabric-enough to make a race track
thread,sewing machine, pins etc. 

This project was inspired by
this and this and this

Grab those 4 cuts of 10x8inch

Lay down a lining piece face up
Lay the Zipper on the 10 inch edge
Lay the outer piece face down
Line up all the edges along the 10 inch edge.

Sew along the edge
Use the Zipper foot so you can get the seam right up close to the Zipper teeth
Okay, lay the piece like this:

Now this can be tricky but!
Lay the un-sewn lining piece face up
Line the un-sewn zipper edge with the lining
Lay the outer fabric face down.

Sew that edge!
 Lay the fabric out

For a neater look, top stitch right close to the zipper on the front. 

Pull both lining pieces to one side and the outer pieces to the other.

Un-zip the zipper about halfway (THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!)

Pin around the edge and sew. Make sure you leave a few inches open on the lining side so later it can turn right-side-out

Grab the corners, pinch them together, and sew straight across, about an inch down

All the edges will look like this when they are done.

Turn it right side out.

Sew up the opening

Push the lining to the inside and 

Okay, cut out the black race track in whichever shape you like. I thought a circle would be fun.
But now Sunshine keeps calling it a
Zig-Zag the track on the front piece.

Using a white zig-zag, create some lines for your road

Lay your front and back piece-right sides together.

Sew around the edge, leaving a few inches open.
Turn it right side out.
Sew your hole closed.

And Done.

Cheese!! Sunshine Loves the Hot Rod Pocket 


  1. I just made this for my nephew. It turned out so cute i am going to make another one for my son! Excellent and easy-to-follow directions!

    1. So happy you tried this out! Feel free to upload any photos to the facebook page! I would LOVE to see how it turned out :)