Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TMI Tuesday #5

This week (I'm so excited!!) we have 
from a

This reader decided to remain 
which is totally fine and perfect.

The email reads:

 One morning in Sunday School, a young lady came to sit next to me. She was wearing a knit dress with a rather short skirt. As she turned to sit, her bum was towards me. I happened to look just as she bent over and got a 
Unfortunately, the shortness of the skirt combined with the lack of underwear gave me much more than I'd ever hoped to see ever ever EVER. I wish there was one of those emergency eye wash stations in the room because I wanted that image out of my mind forever. I doubt the poor young man sitting on my other side (a missionary nonetheless!) who also happened to be looking her direction will ever recover. Also, I wonder how the cold metal chair must have felt on her backside. And I don't even want to think about any future uses of that chair. Let's hope a small child never decides to use it as a place to spread out a snack!

 Oh my goodness, Anonymous! 
Your poor eyes! 
And can you say,

Remember, everyone, 
Commando is not the way to go!

 Thanks again, Anonymous! 


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