Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TMI Tuesday #29- Entering new waters...

While we were in Hawaii last week the following is the only picture of me
(besides entire family shots)

Nice, right? 
I've accepted the fact that since I am the mom my time has past for being the main subject of all photos. 

This photo brought my attention to something equally horrifying and inspiring. 

Have you caught it yet? 

Let's zoom in...

Still can't see it?
zoom again...

Since when have I had a fuzzy-wuzzy stache??!??!

I've always had basically invisible hair on my entire face 
because I am a mammal...

But that is some serious stache going on there....
I blame it on the mom hormones. 

I'm glad I finally noticed it. Sorry to any offended parties... 
Should I wax it? 
What the heck!

Entering new waters....

UM... TMI!!!


  1. Thank you for always making me smile! Seriously your posts are so funny, real and exactly what I need after a long day! Miss you girls!

  2. Cute photo! I love the contentment on your face that only Hawaii can bring. :-)