Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TMI Tuesday #28- Shoe-less, Sandals, and Sunscreen.

Yes, yes. I knooooow I missed last Tuesday.
But Guess What?
That’s life!!
Things were crazy two weeks ago with the Mister graduating, me wrapping up a wicked hard semester, family in town…

Oh and we were in Hawaii with my parents and one of my sisters and her family all last week  :)

I know, be jeal!

I was relaxing on the Big Island last Tuesday when I remembered I totally spaced TMI. 

Then the thought floated out of my mind 
and I went back to relaxing.

  I’m such a brat! 

But to make up for it, I have 3 stories to share.
There’s a theme.

The first:
Road tripping along the 15 a couple weeks ago, our family stopped for a potty break. As I was toting the Bird into the public restroom for a diaper change, a teeny-bopper came waltzing out. Her feet were making a weird slapping noise. Dazed and confused, I did the fastest double take of my life. 

She was not wearing socks.

She was not wearing shoes.

She was using a public toilet….



The next:
Shortly after the gag-reflux episode of the barefooted-bathroom-bandit I was browsing some good ol’ FB newsfeed and stumbled across this little gem:

“Today I learned just how risky wearing sandals at a urinal can be. #aprilshowers

Laughing my face off.  
 So funny!!

And the Mister thinks I’m weird when I scroll the newsfeed. He has a point though. For every amazingly funny-split my side laughing-pee a little status… 
I have to read through dozens of things that are, well, really lame.
Sorry about it.

The last:
While at the beach in Hawaii (SpoiledBrat!) Sunshine announced he needed to go potty.

Before I could stop him 

He walked to the edge of the wet sand, 

Pulled his swim suit far enough to get the goods out 

And positioned to pee in the general direction of the ocean.  

All the while flashing his blindingly white bumbum to all other patrons of the beach. 

(Sunshine tans so dark it makes me super jealous! I slathered him repeatedly with 70SPF and he’s still a little brownie.)

I was giggling but also horrified. 
My family was crying with laughter. 
I don’t know what all the strangers thought; 
I was fiercely avoiding eye contact.

Um… TMI!!!

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  1. Hey Girl, you are the best. I just wanted to share a story of how you've impacted my life in profound ways. I had an annual exam at the GYN office this week and the whole time I was laughing about your post on that topic. I kept thinking, "she was so right. Why is this so embarrassing? Is it a crime that I have...a body? At least I know everyone else feels this way too." LOL. thanks for getting my through it.