Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TMI Tuesday #26-"Two Hours of People-Watching Bliss

 TMI: "That time we scared all the Arctic Circle patrons away"-edition

 The Bird dumped an entire jug of chocolate milk on herself at lunch today 
(well almost the whole thing...) 
Right on her crotch. Of course. 

And being the rock-star-cool-amazing-Mom that I am,
I sort of patted her dry-ish and let her play in the 
slightly-suspect Play Place at good ol' Arctic Circle anyway
(Theirs is way better than McDonald's but the food is bla-ish)

    Since the milk was of the chocolate variety it sort of looked like the Bird had crapped her pants and I was letting her smear it everywhere. 


The best part was seeing all the parent's faces as they walked in.
We were there for almost two hours. 


Evidence: It's a bit dried and faded but you get the idea.

Um... TMI!!!

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