Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TMI Tuesday #30-Boys will be boys...

TMI Tuesday: SUBMIT-edition!
I love a good ol' submit...
Keep sending them!

This one comes from my sister across the pond, Annie 
She is mama to a 3 year old boy and 9month old twins, girl and boy
Love her!

I'll let her have the screen...
(get it? I said screen instead of floor? okay... no longer funny...)


Boys will be boys, even at three years old

My husband has tried to prepare me for the fact that my son is a boy and will do boyish things. As much as I try to encourage kind play, he is going to pretent to shoot, crush and kill. And as much as I try to be open and unembarrassed by body parts and bodily functions, my sweet innocent angel of a boy will do disgusting, boyish things.

At dinner yesterday my three-year-old boy was eating a banana. He peeled the banana then pulled off the stringy parts, stood up on his chair, spread his legs, hung the string down between his legs, shook his hips and the banana string back and forth and said:

son: "Look, my penis! Hahahaha!!!"

mother: (hiding laughter) "That's not your penis, son. That's part of the banana. Please sit down and finish your dinner."

son: (sitting down, then hanging the string off the side of the banana) "Look, a penis! Hahahaha!"

mother: (shaking with laughter but trying not to show) "Son, it's not a penis. It's the string from the banana. Please put it down and finish your dinner."

son: (still hanging the string from the banana and now shaking it slightly to illustrate the point) "The banana has a penis. This is the banana penis. Hahahaha!!!"
Yes husband of mine, I fully accept now that boys will be boys. And it starts now.
Um... TMI!!!


  1. Oh my word! That was hilarious!!!! I love that boys think of those things and that as Mom's we have to react appropiately. That is an equally difficult challenge. I love that those things don't seem to get less funny as they get older too. The teens I worked with did things like that ALL the time!!! Miss you!!