Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TMI Tuesday #22-It's time.

It's time...

When you have no more clean socks
It's time...

When there aren't any clean dishes
It's time...

When the last three days of meals are spread across the counters
It's time...

When you consider eating out rather than doing the dishes
It's time...

When you can't decipher the clean clothes from the dirty
It's time...

It is time for me to clean my freakin' house!!!

Some of you might remember #20 on my
25 before 26 

Here's a reminder:

20-Keep my house cleanish 

So far?

I was asking myself,
"What's the secret? How do people keep their houses clean?
As I sat on the sofa in the middle of my messy messy house   

And then it came to me....


I think I'll try that.

Um... TMI!

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