Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TMI Tuesday #24- "...Ugh, I know."

Conversation and commotion at the Starrs' house this morning...

Sunshine and the Bird:  the parent's room
(Bouncing on the bed, giggling/screaming, knocking clean folded clothes to the ground. Causing all kinds of havoc)

the Mister: the parent's room
(trying to wrap up assignments and studying for school, urging the children to calm down,)

Me:  the bathroom down the hall
(shouting from the toilet) "Hey! You kids! Stop knocking my laundry over! Leave Daddy alone! Come here, come here, come HERE!!"

the Mister:
"Seriously, you could not have picked a worse time to have diarrhea..."

"...ugh, I know."

Oh, Parenthood.... 
the glamorous life

Um... TMI!!!


  1. oh dear! i hope your bowels feel better!

  2. LOL At least you and hubby were on the same page about the whole thing. Gotta love someone in your corner rooting you on! Oh and of course not afraid to discuss your bowels. Here's to a successful marriage!