Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quilts for Kids

I first heard of 
on one of my favorite blogs

And decided to try my hand at it. 

It's a great organization that gives kids in hospitals quilts as a extra snuggle to help them feel better. 

You request a kit
they send it
you follow the directions
Quilt it up
Mail it back

You pay for the batting and the price to ship it back
Totally worth it!

This is the quilt...
 They even have a cute little label so you can name it. 
How fun is that?

Do you notice how much thread I had left after quilting? 
Seriously, it was a close finish! 

I reccommend it! 
Especially if you have been feeling a hankering for charity work.

But make sure you have some spare time to do it. 
They like you to have it done 6-8 weeks after receiving it.
It took me quite a bit longer. 
Anyway, just spreading the word! A great charity to donate time and supplies to!

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  1. You are awesome!!!
    What a sweet act of charity for a busy Mama.
    Love, K