Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Amateur Attempt at a Princess Castle Cake

First of all...
Happy Birthday to the Bird!!

a couple weeks late...

It's hard to have a birthday so close to Christmas.
And then we all got the full blown 8day flu over New Years.
So the Bird had a small little party with some family friends. 
I wanted to try my hand at a castle cake and share the experience with you

I apologize for the pictures everyone... I used my phone and usually had sticking fingers so it got a little rough now and then. Woops! 

The cake was a lot simpler than I thought. 
Would you like to learn how to make one too??

Supplies needed
1-Baked 9x13 cake
2-Baked 9inch round cakes
Board for the cake to live on (I used a cutting board wrapped in foil)
3-tubs of frosting
food coloring
10 total, 5 each-ice cream cones, the two different shapes of sugar (know what I mean?)
1-tube of gooey blue gel stuff
1-tube of gooey black gel stuff
packages of cake decorations and sprinkles
Some goldfish
Square shaped cereal
Toy princesses for the cake

Step One:
Bake the cakes in advance because some times things like this happen...

Craps.... Am I right?

Bake those cakes up and let them cook. Wrap them in plastic wrap and you can freeze them for like a week or so. Mine was just a day in advance of decoration day so I left them wrapped on the counter.
Blurry...Sorry about it!

Step two:
Crumb coat aka dirty icing aka first coat aka ETC. 
Place the 9x13 on the board and cover with a thin layer of frosting

Here is a tip!!!
When frosting you will notice the spatula will have lots of crumbs like this...
Don't put that spatula back in the main source of frosting!!

Wipe it off on a paper towel...

And use a clean spatula to get more frosting!
Good work

Okay add the first round and add the crumb coat

Now the second...

Put it in the fridge so the frosting gets dry 

While that sets...

Step three:
The turrets
This is actually really simple and is all over Pinterest. 

Take one of these cones...

Add frosting and sprinkles
(think glue and glitter from when you were a kid)

Now grab one of these types of cones
(ignore the frosted cake in the background. I did a different order but I think this way will work better)

Add some frosting

Place the sprinkled cone on top

Add a small strip on frosting around the edge

Place sugar pearls (or whatever they are called)

Okay place those carefully aside where they won't get tipped over. They are sort of top heavy

Step four:
Frost and decorate the cake

Get the cake out of the fridge and start adding the frosting

Sweet. Cut out the corners...

Add a glob of frosting..

Place a turret...

Repeat for all the corners and add whatever sugar crusted accessories desired


Add a door using the cereal and black gel (fancy, right?)
Using a damp paper towel, wipe off the foil so it is clean and nice.
Spread some of the blue gel and add fishy crackers for the moat

Place the Princesses.
Why are these girls standing in the moat?
I don't know.
But Sunshine asked me about a dozen times.
I still don't have the answer....

And don't worry, the Bird and I gave these girls a hot soapy bath and rinse before adding them to the cake

Happy little Birdie for sure!
She loved it!

Now, someone else make this cake and do a better job than me.


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