Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TMI Tuesday #25- "...and I cannot lie!"

Recent Conversation with an Unnamed Friend:

Friend: I don’t like standing up for songs at church.

Me: Uh, why not?

Friend: Because all I see are butts. I can’t stop looking at all the butts. And checking them out. I always check out butts. “Big butt. Small butt. Bouncing butt. Firm butt. Butt, butt, butt” I’m just a total perv. 

Me: Nah girl, I do it too. 

Um... TMI!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TMI Tuesday #24- "...Ugh, I know."

Conversation and commotion at the Starrs' house this morning...

Sunshine and the Bird:  the parent's room
(Bouncing on the bed, giggling/screaming, knocking clean folded clothes to the ground. Causing all kinds of havoc)

the Mister: the parent's room
(trying to wrap up assignments and studying for school, urging the children to calm down,)

Me:  the bathroom down the hall
(shouting from the toilet) "Hey! You kids! Stop knocking my laundry over! Leave Daddy alone! Come here, come here, come HERE!!"

the Mister:
"Seriously, you could not have picked a worse time to have diarrhea..."

"...ugh, I know."

Oh, Parenthood.... 
the glamorous life

Um... TMI!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TMI Tuesday #23- "I don't want to die!!!"

TMI: "Am I the last person on the planet to know this?"-Edition

The other day I was riding with my friend home from a little get together. 
She needed to fuel up that car, right-stat-now. 

It was serious....

So we pulled in.
It was late.
We were chatting. 
It was freezing.

She puts the car in park. 
Unbuckles and starts getting out. 
The car is still on. 
I sort of panic, not sure if I should be bossy and intrusive....
But I really didn't want to blow up and die.
Because that's what happens when you leave the car on and get gas, right????

"Hey, uh, are you going to turn the car off?" 
Chuckle Chuckle in a nervous please-don't-think-I'm-annoying-fashion.

"UUUUUGGGHHHH! You're one on THOSE!"
she replies in a perfectly acceptable sarcastic tone. 
And she turns off the car and hops out. 

Still not sure if she was serious or not, I pushed it a little further. 

"So, uh, do you usually leave the car on when you get gas?"

"Yes! Of course, all the time." 


"Uh, yeah, don't you??"

"No, I don't want to die!"

"Well I don't want to freeze to death waiting for the gas. And It's totally fine to leave the car on."

Huh??? I never, ever met anyone who did this!!!

So my question to you?
Please vote below because I am suuuuuper curious if I am the last person to learn you can leave your car ON while getting gas. 
Been too chicken to try though....
Give us a vote!!!


Leave me ON? Or a big turn OFF?
Do you leave the car running while filling up at the pump??
OFF! I don't want to explode the entire city block!91.8%56

Ain't nobody got time to turn off the car! I leave it ON8.2%5

total votes: 61

Um... TMI!!!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TMI Tuesday #22-It's time.

It's time...

When you have no more clean socks
It's time...

When there aren't any clean dishes
It's time...

When the last three days of meals are spread across the counters
It's time...

When you consider eating out rather than doing the dishes
It's time...

When you can't decipher the clean clothes from the dirty
It's time...

It is time for me to clean my freakin' house!!!

Some of you might remember #20 on my
25 before 26 

Here's a reminder:

20-Keep my house cleanish 

So far?

I was asking myself,
"What's the secret? How do people keep their houses clean?
As I sat on the sofa in the middle of my messy messy house   

And then it came to me....


I think I'll try that.

Um... TMI!