Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TMI Tuesday #33- "Awkward!" (It's a reader submit!)

 A TMI story from out in the WILD


"Hey Lady!!

I am so proud to announce that I have my very own TMI Tuesday that I want to submit! Here goes.....

On Saturday I went to Davids Bridal with my daughter Kenzie and my friend Becca because I needed not 1 but 2 bridesmaid dresses! SO the three of us cram into a dressing room and I start taking my pants off when all the sudden I hear a very timid/confused/scared voice coming from behind me....

Kenzie: Uhmmmmm Mommy?

Me: Yes Kenzie...what's up?

Kenzie: Uhmmm I think you need to like uhmmm ask Daddy if you can buy some new panties.

Me: (Confused) Why? Whats wrong with my panties? 

Kenzie:  Well it's just that they are uhmmmm I think a little bit too small....they are like in your BUTT CHEEKS!

Me:  (Horrified...because I just realized that I am wearing a thong and how do you explain that to a four year old?) You know what baby...your right, I promise I will buy some panties that fit me very soon!

Becca:  (Literally in the fetal position on the dressing room floor trying not to pee her pants or let my tiny human know that she is laughing)

Kenzie:  Mommy it's just a big wedgie and I don't like wedgies!




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