Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Bird as a Hockney

I'm taking several photography classes this semester.
It is really challenging and rewarding. 
Most people in my classes are already really good. 
I am the type who is taking the class to learn something I don't already know. 
It can be pretty discouraging because I feel really behind everyone else. 

But, put that aside, 
I am loving it! 

I especially love these two photos by Hockney...
This one

This is my most recent project.
A Hockney inspired piece. 

(Click on the picture if you want a better view and better quality)

When a thousand words isn't enough.

What I love about my developing photography knowledge is that I am able to take pictures of things I love 
it doesn't matter if anyone else likes it. 

But I still wanted to share with all my friends and family who keep up with this blog. 
I love you all. 
Thanks for your support and views and comments and pins and likes. 
(the Mister says I use too many "!!!" and I totally agree so I am working in it...)

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