Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Changing table re-do

I've been without a computer for almost a month and have been working on so many projects!!
I'm excited to finally start blogging about them..

First up...

Spruce up that changing table!

Sunny day for this Tardis-Blue changing table 

This is still a work on progress as the changing pad needs a new cover and the baskets that go beneath need a fresh coat of paint 
I still wanted to show you anyway... 

This was a fun one. I'll share the process.

I'd like to give a big thank you to my friend, Jessica, who gave me this changing table.  It sat in her garage for lots of days, maybe even years, with the hope of a project to complete.  When she moved a state away (still bitter about that one...) she gave it to me! Awesome-ness! I had a changing table with Mr. Sunshine but didn't with the little Birdie and let me tell you, although it is not a necessity, I l-o-v-e, loooove having a changing table.  I'm so very excited to have one for baby #3!

Here it is...

She had started sanding it but hadn't gotten far.  So that was step one.  Sand that puppy.
(ps-some people choose not to sand. It never works out for me. Do as you like!)

That's me. Sanding. 
If you plan to re-do/fashion/furbish/etc. any sort of furniture, 
Buy an electric sander
The end. 

Question: "What do your kids do while you work on stuff?"

After you sand, use a clean cloth to wipe all the dust away. 

At this point, I got so excited and didn't take anymore pictures...
Oh brother

Pick your paint color, I recommend getting a paint+primer, I only needed a little can. 
Two coats of paint.
Let it dry. 
Pick a varnish/clear coat that matches your style (matte, glossy, semi).
Apply two clean coats. 

Honestly, I always just talk to whoever is working the counter at whichever hardware store I happen to be at.  I ask all kinds of questions and bug 'em until I feel satisfied and confident.  I have done lots of furniture projects but seem to do it a little different every time. 


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