Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TMI Tuesday #36-"Picky Eater"

TMI Tuesday: "Things kids say"-edition

It is a submit, ya'll!!
Love a good submit :) 

Friend my good friend, Sarah 

Take it away!!


So I have a TMI for ya. 
I made the kids egg salad sandwiches for lunch because Journey loves them. Well Jaxon isn't such a big fan but that's what I made so that's what you eat. We all sat down at the table to eat and like most meals the protest began. Journey like always just ate and was a good girl but Jaxon needed some convincing. I gave him the normal this is good for you and will make you big and strong. He continued to protest so I informed him that because sissy is eating well she will be big and strong and you won't. Well this got him to take a few bites and he soon learned he liked it. After eating a little more he looks at me flexes he arm muscles and says 
"Mommy, this is making my penis bigger!"
..... umm yeah.... 
I had to get up and walk away. The things kids say. 
Thanks for the TMI Jaxon!

 OH! MY! GOSH! I think every mom of sons can agree... this has happened to all of us!

Thanks again, Sarah!!

Don't forget my friends, I am always accepting TMI stories
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