Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TMI Tuesday #21-"Open Wide!"

Since when did a 3.5hr dentist appointment feel like a 
relaxing, restful break 
from mommy-duties?

I'm getting veneers (finally) because this happened when I was a kid...

After spending 3+ hrs with my upper lip resting on my forehead...

I am now sporting some nice temps-for-teeth.

Veneers in a couple weeks.
 The lady who was there to help me pick out a shade for my new teeth
(how awesome is that?!?)
She kept calling them my


Is that a medical term?
I can think of about
147 different terms
that should be switched in.

 BTW, I love my dentsit.

Um... TMI!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Quarter-Century-Celebration WEEKEND!!

I have the greatest family and friends ever. 
I mean it!!!

My birthday was such a wonderful day! 
It was just how I wanted it to be.

Sort of busy and full of 
food, laughter, hugs, kisses, giggles, pampering, family time, girl time 
and of course,

The Mister, Sunshine, the Bird and I had lunch together and went out for icecream.

Are you noticing my (unintentional) ombre hair?
I'm just so trendy I can hardly handle it...

It was time (waaay past time) to get my hair done.
So I was pampered in the afternoon

I'm back to brunette
And it sort of feels like coming home. 
Blond was fun... but I'm sooo done.

Then, on Saturday night, the girls met up at Applebees 
Only rule?
Wear a hat!

I decided to sport a fascinator
Inspired by
Royal Wedding, Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton Style...) and the Hunger Games

And now.. for the Parade of Hats!!!

Are you dying?
I was giggling all night.

The Mister and I were so full from lunch that we decided to extend my birthday an EXTRA day
Sunday night he pulled out the candles!
We had ice cream cake...
And the Mister got me trick candles....
My face and repeated attempts crack me up!

What a wonderful way to celebrate a Quarter-Century of living!!

Thank you so much to my family and friends,

25 before 26

25 Before 26
25 goals to accomplish before I turn 26 on
February 23rd, 2014 
(Some of these are roll-overs from last year)

  1. Read the New Testament
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. Get my Toddler Tie Shop set up
  4. Teach a friend a new skill
  5. Reach 70 "likes" on Facebook (Go like Starrs Town!)
  6. Read 12 books
  7. Get professional pictures taken    
  8. Organize photos and videos
  9. Make a quilt for charity
  10. Make a quilt for us
  11. Swim in the ocean with my face in the water
  12. Get my Bachelors Degree (or at least start my last semester)
  13. Host a dinner party
  14. Learn to confidently handle a gun
  15. Attend the Temple monthly
  16. Submit writings for publication
  17. Teach Sunshine to write his name
  18. Learn how to do an oil change on our car
  19. Date night with Joey twice a month 
  20. Keep my house cleanish
  21. Complete 3 unfinished projects
  22. Grow something
  23. Potty train the Bird
  24. Go camping (for real camping... never done it!)
  25. Learn to fish

#24 Take more pictures and at least 3 hours of video so I can always remember how CUTE my kid's voices sound:



Now to organize it all...

Is anyone on the digital scrapbooking train??

Give me the best sites...

#23 Successfully paint the Bird's nails:


These girls were as cute as can be...

#22 Submit a "letter to the editor" to any magazine:


I submitted this to an online magazine

7 months later I received this...

#21 Read 24 books:


Didn't finished this one. 
When I made this goal I was in a YA Lit class, reading 2 books a week with ease....
I claim insanity for thinking I could read 24 books in 9 months on top of everything else I do...
18 is still pretty awesome. That's 2 books a month!

  1. Bruiser- Neal Shusterman
  2. Heist Society- Ally Carter
  3. The Fault in Our Stars- John Green
  4. I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You- Ally Carter
  5. Mara's Stories: Glimmers in the Darkness- Gary Schmidt 
  6. Monster- Walter Dean Meyers
  7. Speak- Laurie Halse Anderson
  8. Uncommon Criminals- Ally Carter
  9. When We Were Saints- Han Nolan
  10. The Giver- Lois Lowry
  11. Tuesdays With Morrie- Mitch Albom
  12. Unwind- Neal Shusterman
  13. Tenderness- Robert Cormier
  14. Lucky- Alice Sebold
  15. American Assassin- Vince Flynn 
  16. Mockingbird- Kathryn Erskine
  17. The Maze Runner- James Dashner
  18. Elsewhere- Gabrielle Zevin
  20. .
  21. .
  22. .
  23. .

#20 Write in my kid's journals:


Their journals are not exactly empty anymore....


#19 Host a dinner party:


We decided to have a 
Murder Mystery Dinner Party!!

Basically the greatest thing, ever. 

And it was the Mister's birthday gift to me.
I got to have a party, 
dress up, 
dress the Mister up, 
fake an accent 
and act completely ridiculous in all ways possible!

Best night everrrrrrr.................

Our guests....

Sunshine couldn't resist visiting us....

Had a blast making my dress
(bought the fascinator at Zurchers)
And I got my hair and makeup done at The Hair Academy for super cheap
My character was a
tacky-trashy-Las Vegas-waitress
New-gold digger-wife of 80 year old Richie Rich!
(he was the murdered one)

Isn't the Mister just the greatest???

This fulfilled a life-long dream

Will I ever host one again? I would do this once a month if I had the money.time.willing husband.

What would you do differently? Taken more pictures! 

Hardest part? Only picking 3 other couples... I wanted to invite everyone... But it doesn't work that way

Easiest part? Loading up on Dollar Store decorations

Yummiest part? For me it was tied between the Virgin Hurricane and the Gumbo

Yuckiest part? I hated the crab cakes I made... barfffff

#18 Learn to cut my own bangs:


Well I haven't done this
But I have this list of youtube videos to consult the next time I need a trim:


#17 Try at least 5 projects I've pinned on Pinterest:


Some of these are ideas from Pinterest... Some are originals
They are all things I have made over the past few months 

Here's a quick glance!
(I didn't include my bedroom renew...)

#16 De-junk house and have a yard sale:


Need to do this again this spring. 
Who's with me? 
Multi-Family Yard Sales are the best

#15 Go OUT on a date once a month with the Mister (actually get a babysitter!):


Again, on average, every other month. 

Why is this so hard???
I love going out with the Mister.
We just need to find someone to trade babysitting with. 
Any takers???

#14 Go to the Temple monthly with the Mister:


We were more like every other month on average. 

Something I want to work on. 

I love going to the Temple, especially with the Mister!

#13 Read a Vince Flynn novel:



This is the Mister's favorite author

It was good.

Probably not something I will read again. 
But fun to do something the Mister likes :)

#12 Potty train Sunshine:



Check out this TMI that chronicled this event...

#11 Visit 3 tourist-type places near us:


Places we visited:
The Tautphaus Zoo
Bear World
Museum of Idaho: Dinosaurs!
Museum of Idaho: Carousals

Being a tourist in your own town is super fun. 
Do it.

#10 Archive and organize our photos:


Uh... this one is getting rolled over...

That is all I have to say

(I'm not lame....?)

#9 Finish my Christmas stocking:


You know that's right...

Didn't finish before Christmas but....

Love doing these applique stockings.
Not too hard (they just take forever...)
and they always turn out key-ute!

#8 Have professional family pictures taken:


We did get some taken over the holidays with my family 
But I was not happy with how I looked in them

So this gets a half check... 

#7 Complete a 15 minute continuous swim:


completed 7/17
Took a swimming class that semester 

#6 Run (...or jog....probably walk...) a 5K:


(terrible quality... I know. It's a picture of a picture on my phone...)

I did it!!
Friday night
February 22nd 
(yeah... the night before my birthday...) 

I met my friend, Katie, at the indoor track for something of a
Running Lesson

Katie is an experienced runner and she gave me some tips
Then we were off!!

What we did: Walked a lap, ran a lap, walked a lap, ran a lap etc. etc.

I was so afraid to run! I've never, ever, everrrrr been a runner.
But Katie inspired me! 
She humored me and went really slow
(she was pushing her little guy in a jogger)

After about 30 minutes we decided to go for a 
(that's 3.1 miles)

I have never ran 
(aka: jogged/walked) 
more than 1.5 miles at once and that was in 9th grade.

So happy I did it! 

Ugh. my legs hurt.

Thanks for being a friend Katie! 

#5 Decorate our bedroom:



#4 Lose 30 pounds:


Last summer I got about 5 pounds from my goal. 
And then gained it all back...

I lost it by dieting (I did the Dukan Diet.)
Was it effective? Yes.
Did it last? No
Will I do it again? I don't think so. 

So what are you going to do about it now???
I want to focus on healthier lifestyle choices and changes that I can maintain without killing myself. 

Because I am tirrrreeeddd of being fat and tired.
But I also want to be happy and not a complete grouchy diet-face. 

(Sorry to the Mister for all the times I grew claws and fangs during intense sugar withdrawal!)

#3 Blog 24 times (must include a picture to count):


Plenty more times than that!!!
I started this challenge on my family blog

and then completed it here at Starrs Town

Now I don't know what to do with my family blog. 
I've considered printing it to book 
and then making it private... Or deleting it. 

What do you guys think???

#2 Learn to use my wheat grinder and make bread:


I have made french bread! 
I used this Recipe:
Such yuuuuuummy bread. You can never go wrong with OBB!

I haven't braved my wheat grinder yet... 
Maybe that'll have to wait till my mom is in town...


#1 Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover:


I gained so much from this experience! 
Although I didn’t finish the entire book of scripture, I still felt the benefits and blessings in my daily life when I made the effort to read. Some days I would listen to the audio while doing other things (dishes etc.) and I loved it. Then other times I would curl up on my sofa with a colored pencil, highlighting particular verses that touched me. Then there were the days that I struggled to even read one verse.
“Everyone shut your trap! I’m trying to read my scriptures!” This phrase might have been shouted more than once the past few months… 

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It chronicles the experiences of people living in ancient North and South America and their experiences with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why I'm not a "Fashion Blogger"

Some of you
(okay, none of you...)
just might consider me something of a 
Fashion Icon


I am the opposite of that.
And I thought I might share with all of you why.
The other day I was very impressed with my outfit. 
It was cute, trendy-ish, and I bought everything on sale at Walmart

I thought to myself...

"I should blog about my clearance-rack Walmart outfit! 
Best idea everrrrr."

Or so I thought....


In case you are curious: 
Undershirt- $5
Shirt- $5
Necklace- $3  

And that is why I am NOT a fashion blogger 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TMI Tuesday #20- XX or XY?

Guess what???

We’ve got a TMI-reader submission!

Thanks to Emily for regaling a juicy TMI from the WILD!

(…or from Winco…)

Here it goes:

“Okay. Here's my story.

You have to understand that sometimes I have a scatter brain; sometimes I have the brain and wit of my mother and her mother. They say things that are so embarrassing sometimes because they are so overly nice and friendly and old. They like to engage friendly conversation with almost everybody they come into contact with and sometimes it's just embarrassing because they say goofy things because they are old.

Well...to my horror I think I am turning into my chatty Kathy mother. 

It happens to all of us, right?

Maybe not… 

I usually go grocery shopping alone with my 2 boys but since it was a few days before Thanksgiving my husband came with us and it was nice to have him there at Winco with me, it made shopping much easier. 

Before I continue, I have to add that my boys have these VERY cute furry wolf head/face hats. Everywhere we go, EVERYBODY, and I mean every person that walks past us, says,

"Look at those hats!" or

 "Oh my, they look like little dogs! How cute!"

They are quite the attention grabbing hats, but they keep them super warm so they always wear them.

Back to the story…

Checkout time came. We chose the line we wanted to be in. The little boys are in the cart wearing their hats as usual, the 4 of us are unloading groceries onto the conveyer belt, half way done, my husband says, "I will go start bagging". This is all happening fairly quickly, remember that. Okay, during this time I look at the cashier, who looked to be middle aged, 50’s. These are the EXACT thoughts going through my head as I glance at the cashier and proceed to unload our food, I am thinking,

"Whoa. Is this a man or a woman? Oh man. I can't tell. Hmm. I think he is a she. I bet this guy used to be a girl. But he looks like a woman. But wait, she has a man’s short haircut, and scruff on her face and neck, maybe she is a he? But I think he has breasts, and...”

The cashier says, "Hello! How are you?" and I say "Hello!" 

And then my thoughts,

"WHOA, he sounds like a SHE! His voice!! So high! I think he is a woman. Or used to be at least. Even though she has a man’s haircut, and scruff, she sounds like a woman and her face is a woman's face. Hmm. I bet this guy used to be a woman." 

Those are my thoughts. Going about a million miles per second, very scatterbrain like. So we quickly finish unloading our loaded cart and my husband is at the end bagging the groceries. This is where I turn into my mother and start chatting with the person because I want to be polite and help brighten someone else's day. So I start friendly conversation while paying for the food, 

"Hello! How are you today? Happy holidays."

HE (the cashier, in the very high woman's voice) says, "I'm great. Thank you! You as well. Getting your last minute thanksgiving shopping done?"

And I say, "Oh yeah, you know. I'm cooking everything this year, so we are just getting ready to go. What are you doing for thanksgiving? Getting together with family?"

And he awkwardly says, "No, just low key, nothing really."

And I felt sad/bad for him, so I wanted to be every more friendly,

I say, "Well that's nice. I hope you have a nice holiday."

 okay, here is where the mood changes and I still to this day feel absolutely embarrassed and terrible and sorry for what I was about to do, unknowingly. So he (in the very female voice, but he is clearly a man, even though I was having those previous thoughts) changes the subject

And says, "Oooh! I love those hats!" (Remember the boy’s hats?) "Those are just too funny!"

And then.................I say this exactly, in a loud, friendly, cheerful, everyone around me can hear (remember, this person is a man, but I had been thinking he might be a she), I say loud and cheerfully, 

"BOYS! Did you hear what SHE said? SHE said SHE likes your hats!" 

RIGHT when I said that, my husband who is about 5-7 feet away from me, looks up at me in the speed of light, with complete HORROR on his face, he says SO FAST in a LOUD whisper, the cashier can hear, 


And as fast as I could I walk forward with my cart and immediately said as fast as I could, 

"SHHH BE QUIET, SHHHH SSHUT UP I DONT KNOW WHY I SAID THAT, BE QUIET...just finish loading and let’s go!" 

We ran out of there, I wanted to cry I felt so bad that I had said that and embarrassed that man in front of his friend and other customers, I'm sure everyone around us was glaring in shock at what that woman (me) just said. and at the same time, when we got to the car, my husband started laughing, mine was more of a crying/laughing with tears in my eyes, we couldn't believe I said that and I said as we were leaving,

"Oh sheesh. I am turning into my mother!!! Noooo!!"

And the other day I was back at Winco, checking out.  I turn around and I could see aaall the checkers in a line and somewhere in the middle I SAW HIM. But he was wearing a women's shirt for his Winco work shirt. It was tight, with shorter sleeves, and all the other male checkers wore the guy versions of their Winco work shirts... and THEN I looked for bra lines on his back, nothing. No bra. But he still looks like a woman completely.”

I feel for you! 

Nothing more puzzling than a gender mystery! 
And nothing more embarrassing than getting it WRONG. 

And we’re all turning into our mothers. 
Embrace it, girl!
Thanks for the submit
:) :)